Product Highlight

Scratching The Surface of MOD’s Power Line-Up


MOD offers a range of table-mounted power products designed to meet your desk space power needs with practicality in mind. So, which one is the right fit for you? Our On-Surface product line is tailored to deliver convenience where you need it most and consistent power where it’s crucial. Whether you’re setting up your home office or outfitting a corporate workspace, we are simplifying the 9-5. Let’s dive into the details.

  • Mesa/Mesa Tri Series

Introducing our trusty Mesa series – yes, you guessed it right, it is named after a table. Our Mesa can be for any desk space but shines with a single user in mind. On the other hand, the Mesa Tri shines in shared work environments, boasting options for both built-in surface and above-surface applications. These models are best used for extra power capacity on an existing office computer set-up.

  • Aficionado/Dalta Series

Our Aficionado & Dalta series is more versatile and allows for a workspace complete with plug-ins for your monitor, desktop, and both types of USB. Allowing your workspace to run from a completely MODpowered interface complete with a variety of plug-ins from regular AC outlets to both types of USB. If you are still looking for more adapters, we suggest our X models of each series listed above (Mesa X, Mesa Tri X, & Aficionado X). The sky is the limit with just one power outlet to your desk, follow one of the links to get more specifics.

  • Centre Series 

If we have yet to get you excited about power products, then hold onto your seat. Introducing our Centre series, equipped in both single and double monitor arms with plenty of onboard power. Our Centre‘s power supply is equipped with two power outlets, two USB Type As, one USB Type C, and, if needed, a 5-volt output for a reading light. Our data couplers include a USB 3.0, an ethernet cable, and headphones auxiliary. For some of our customers, that still is not enough, which is why our X model for the Centre series comes with four additional outlets conveniently hidden underneath the goodies described above. 

  • Conclusion

Even though we covered a lot of ground today, we’re just scratching the surface of what MOD can offer you. We believe that a well-equipped workspace not only enhances productivity but also simplifies your life. So, if you have not yet found the perfect fit among our featured products, do not worry; we have an array of other electrifying On-Surface solutions in our lineup, waiting to meet your specific needs. As always, if you do not quite find what you are looking for, our staff are available on weekdays to take your call.