EDspace 2023

The innovation that has the ability to transform educational environments is on full display at EDspaces. It’s an incubator for new ideas and an environment that offers a wealth of knowledge. Bringing together architects, designers, administrators, and facilities managers who want to reimagine traditional school settings with the manufacturers, distributors, and service providers that attend this gathering. With so many aspects of the educational field changing over the past few years, gatherings such as Edspaces are more important than ever to stay at the forefront of these changes.

First launched in 1996 as the School Equipment Show by the Education Market Association, the event has evolved into the dynamic EDspaces of today, mirroring the desire—and need—for more engaging and unconventional classrooms from kindergarten through college. The right designs, furniture and technology can transform how educators and students teach, study and learn.


MOD is always looking to be a part of that conversation and that change. With technology being increasingly intertwined and more vital to the learning environment at all stages and ages, there becomes new demands for power solutions. MOD has been able to produce these solutions with always up to date designs. With in furniture power such as our grommet power units and domino power units. Our versatile standalone power towers that offer wireless charging and power connection wherever you need as well as our table-top power units like our Mesa, perfect for classrooms and libraries.

It is only fitting that a showcase of educational design is also educational itself. This is a huge part of the DNA of EDspaces. Offering the chance to learn in peer-designed classrooms where industry experts-and leaders provide practical, usable strategies to help you, your students, and your facility thrive. The show-floor offers a great opportunity to connect with fellow industry professionals and see up close the innovative products on display. Make sure to swing by our booth and talk with our experts to see how we can power up and light up your learning space.

If you haven’t yet registered, you can do so here.